Mithlonde (Campaign 1)

Session 1
session 1

Session 1 Basic Campaign at Mithlonde

Adventurers: Mazorin (self-proclaimed sailor extraordinaire), Illydriana (quiet druid with white bear cub companion Sparkles) & Almon(d)(the human pin cushion)

Location: Mar-Kahn Region

The adventurers found themselves leading a carriage down a road. They were hired hands to transport said carriage, a passanger, Garrith Azule, to Tulhorn, a large village in the south east of Mithlonde. At dusk, goblin skirmishers from the south wood attacked the adventurers. With arrows being fired down upon them, the adventurers prepared for combat and advanced on the goblins, usually a neutral race. Sparkles the white bear made a furious charge at the attackers, mauling the goblins. Mazorin and Illydriana both took to the right flank. Slaying goblins on their path to a hidden goblin archer, Illydriana set fire to a tree and Mazorin’s dexterity in combat shined, athletically swinging around a tree limb, only to knock the goblin to his death. Almon took grazing shots and an arrow to the arm. He bled out of his leg too. After the battle, Garrith Azule leapt from his carriage and screamed his cousin had been kidnapped. He promised the adventurers double his original payment for her safe return. With gold on their mind and a keen eye, Illydriana found a hidden entrance to Goblinwood. The adventurers quickly came upon battle with a small group of goblins, only after Mazorin sprung an arrow trap. The battle ended promptly, the goblins lay dead at the feet of the adventurers. With loot in hand, Almonde stumbles into two arrow traps sustaining damage. Then, with a vengeance upon the arrow trap, he manages to disable the last. The adventurers proceeded upon a goblin camp. Mazorin attempted to move quietly around while Almon attempted to fasten some cloth to produce a flaming arrow while Illydriana fell down into the camp. In the madness, a larger goblin emerged from a hut and blew a horn, summoning several goblin from the forest. At that moment Almon (after several attempts) releases a nuclear fueled arrow which tears a hole through the leading goblins chest, nearly killing him instantly. At the sight, the swarm of goblins run off into the forest in fear.
-come upon a fatally wounded Idael who tells the adventurers to find the ‘silent one’ and gives you her verdant emerald necklace
-A large horn in the distance signals
-From the tree line a horde of 500 goblins masses at the western goblin toll.
-Swiftly moved towards town, encounter Derik Morin and his wife Martha.
-Eat and rest then move into town during the night.
-encounter difficult guards that Mazorin tries to pull out his persuasive techniques and manage to gain entrance to the city, free of charge, after
-darted into an alleyway where plans were discussed and a cat provided guidance to the happy maiden tavern.
-the place was a wreck and there was man sitting quietly in the corner sipping from two different cups, one of which discerned as holy water by Almon
-the man dismissed the adventurers and were interrupted by a female dock worker
-learned that there was conflict between some sailors and guards down by the docks
-lead by mazorin the adventurers followed the dock worker to the docks
-a scuffle amongst the guards and some sailors (pirate merchants from the west coast of Mithlonde)
-While Illydriana had conversation with sea fish, a guard pushed a sailor into the ocean and was swept away by the current (prompting a deadly tidal current) and Mazorin and Almon attempted to join in the brawl only to find themselves face down on the docks
-After learning of dark magics in the sea water from the fish, Illydriana used entangle to pin the fighting parties.
-Thee men were entangled, ending the dispute
-The men discussed strange dealings with Garrith Azule, and bizarre shipments being brought into Tulhorn by the pirate merchants, who deal in acquiring the obscure and dangerous. The harsh tidal current to the north of the town and of an island to the northeast we also revealed.
-Upon departure the sailors handed Mazorin a strange slip of paper, upon opening attempted to curse his body with fatigue but he fought it off
-returned to the Happy Maiden in where we revisit the man who was sipping from two glasses.
(this is where I fell off so I am just going to provide you with how I wanted to explain that scene)
Mazorin tosses the slip of paper down on the table, the man lifts the paper and it dissolves in his fingertips. (questions asked) he points to the necklace around Illydriana’s neck, and beckons the adventurers over.
He provides them with a moving visual book, which on each page depict warscenes. One a battle, two a field of corpses & three a woman and child being torn apart by some unseen creature. He then uses the emerald to expose the dark magic energies floating around the adventurers (so magic sort of exists in the air, as a tappable resource, for lack of better explanation). He later scrawls a message, “Garrith has the answers.” And closes his book. In an instant he vanishes, leaving no trace of himself behind.

Addition notes: adventurers found about a shrine to the south, as being the location of something relating to the dark magic of garrith azule from the pirate merchants
-there is also a lighthouse on the northeast of mar-Kahn

The adventurers were also rewarded with the 2nd level.


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